• About Us

    The founders behind cryptico GmbH consist of four tech enthusiasts which throughout their careers always believed in the value of exploring new technology. With the development of blockchain they immediately saw the benefit, it can bring to everyone.

    Each of the founders brings on board a very broad and diverse set of skills that if combined together, enables them to make vision become reality.

Our Team

Benjamin Schönfeld is an international management professional with 10+ years of experience in scaling internet businesses. Back after a few years in Singapore he is bringing the right skillset for building success.

Swen Brüseke is a serial Tech-Entrepeneur and Evangelist. He is founding and sucessfully operating Tech- and Internet focused companies for 15+ years. He is deeply invested in state-of-the-art Technology and pushing the boundaries of the possible. If he ever finds the time, he would love to build a classic gaming handheld.

Yan Hackl-Feldbusch is a tech enthusiast knowing all sorts of programming languages like java, c, python, … Having worked 10+ years as a professional developer in security sensitive environments for banks and insurances Yan is responsible for making our pool secure, reliable and fast. In his spare time he studies AI techniques like machine learning for fun and builds automated IOT plant watering devices.

Sebastian Beyl is a programmer since 20+ years. His skills in web programming languages and scalable database models are perfect for growing up complex projects very stable and fast.